Bird & Gun Intro

A two week program designed to introduce dogs to birds and firearms.

  • The most important program we offer!
  • This program guarantees a gundog upon completion.
  • Designed for both upland and waterfowl dogs.


A 10 to 12 week program designed to produce a complete gundog.

This program includes:

  • Basic On and Off leash obedience commands
  • Conditioned retrieving skills with concentration on delivary to hand
  • Voice and whistle commands
  • Introduction to the remote collar
  • Training for both upland and/or waterfowl hunting


This program is designed for the ultimate hunting dog. Includes both field and water retrieving.

This program includes:

  • Multiple retrieving
  • Hand signals
  • Advanced obedience
  • Blind retrieves

Companion Dog Obedience Training

This program is designed for all breeds of dogs. It covers the basic commands such as: sit, stay, down, come, kennel, and off.

  • Four week on-leash obedience
  • Six week on leash with off-leash recall (introduction to remote collar)
  • Eight week on and off-leash control

Training Rates

  • Monthly training rate: $650.00 (All-Inclusive)
  • Bird Cost: $200.00 per month
  • Rates are subject to change, please confirm when booking